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My work presents a twilit, chimerical world haunted by figures, animals and hybrids.
I am preoccupied with how humans leave a trace of their presence both as individuals and collectively on the world; the way a figure can electrify a room, the trajectory of a firework across the sky.


My paintings capture the visceral presence of the human figure; light falling on flesh; or bodies coalescing with their surroundings. However they are also concerned with more metaphysical and sometimes violent collisions between humans and the natural world. Figures transform into birds; a vortex of shipwrecked bodies and jellyfish intermingle.


I am fascinated by how marks on a surface can at once create and destroy and how those same marks can fetishise both the medium of paint and the subject I am painting equally. Some of my works are painted on newspaper and I enjoy and seek to exploit the way the newsprint interrupts the painted surface with a kind of soft violence.


Ultimately, my paintings explore both the desire and the disquietude in the human experience through my own experience as a queer man living and working both in the heart of the city and more recently in rural isolation.

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